Ministries & Outreach

Jesus said that even he came not to be served, but to serve others. We at St. Jude's MCC beleive that God calls us all into relationship with one another and therefore we take seriously the gifts and imagination of everyone in our community. Ministry teams are fluid meaning that newcomers are welcome as we seek to nurture spiritual lives - individually and communally.


God's Hands Extended
Sharing our Table
Food Pantry &
Lunch Bags for the Homeless

When jesus first met people he often shared a meal with them. And Jesus' last act with his followers was to share a final meal. We at St. Jude's MCC find soulful meaning in sharing meals together and we offer two ways to share with others:

St. Jude's Community Food Pantry - open every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Free & open to all. Providing pantry staples (dry goods, canned foods, etc), frozen meats, eggs. Other items such as personal hygiene products are available on occasion, depending on donations. 

Lunch Bags for the Homeless - ready-to-eat lunches are prepared and delivered to those without shelter in the Wilmington area on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Volunteer opportunities - please call the church at (910) 762-5833. Please note that during the COVID pandemic volunteer opportunities are very limited (if any).

Creating Worship

We believe in the priesthood of all believers, understanding that each and every individual is vital to the worship of God. Our doors are open to all seeking a safe and holy place, and holiness is found in sitting with the congregation to singing in the choir to reading our Holy Scriptures and saying hello to one another in true friendship. If you are interested in learning how you might best use your own talents in worship, please contact the pastor.

Sharing Our Lives

This has been the motto of St. Jude's MCC since its early years, for we know what it feels like to meet with closed hands, closed hearts, and closed doors. The power of love is great, and the power of God's love is transforming. We respect our unity that comes through our diversity, and we take seriously our call to do the work of God

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