Board of Directors 

St. Jude's MCC charter, like most MCC churches, establishes a Board of Directors that is the congregational elected governing body of the church. The Board consists of seven members, including the Senior Pastor. The Board’s chief responsibilities include effective management of the church’s funds and other assets, ensuring the legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability in all matters, and leading the congregation’s development and constant reevaluation of our collective mission, vision, and goals.


The Bylaws comprise the governing document for the congregation. The Board serves under the authority granted to it in that document. Click to view the Bylaws.


Board meetings occur on the second Monday of every month and are held in the sanctuary. They are open to all people. If you wish to request an agenda item for any Board meeting, we encourage you to reach out directly to the Vice-Moderator or Clerk.


As of June 2017, our officers include:

Rev. John McLaughlin, Moderator

Leeann Carpenter, Vice Moderator

Donna Hinson, Clerk

Tim Corbett, Stewardship & Fundraising

Susan Lynch, Finance

Amy Lewis, Building & Grounds and Risk Management

John Lankford, At-large, Events


Board Meeting Minutes Archive for current year
(previous years can be requested through the church office)

January 2021

January Annual Congregational Meeting

February 2021

March 20121

Policies and other Guiding Documents

Membership Covenant

Direct Dealing Policy

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