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About us

We come from diverse backgrounds and locations in life, but we find common ground in God's radically inclusive love for all people - every tribe, every language, every people, every nation. We are part of a worldwide movement serving the religious, spiritual, and social needs of those of us who often find ourselves on the margins of society, including the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered communities - the lonely and the mistreated, the wonderers and the doubters. In fact, we don't even like trying make lists for the only label that matters to us is  “Made in the image of God.”

It is our diversity that gives us strength and understanding, and it is our diversity that awakens us to the full, wonderful spectrum of God’s creativity in the human race. Our goal has been the same since we started - to provide a spiritual home for all people - where everyone is invited to come as they are, live as God has made us, and experience the transformation that Jesus actually talked about and lived - the transformation of our spirits as they are bound with God's. No exceptions.



Reverend John McLaughlin

our leadership team
Rev John 2024.3.jpg
Rev. John McLaughlin

Senior Pastor

Alana Schilling 2_edited.jpg
Alana Schilling

Office Administrator

Donna Merritt 5.jpg
Donna Merritt

Pianist & Choir Director

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